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A Design Intensive Day is an entire day dedicated to you and your business. During this day, we will work together to create an entire logo suite for your business.

Including a modest budget and quick turnaround time, this service is ideal for new business owners. Full brand projects involve a deep dive into strategy and design including multiple steps, presentations, and phone calls. This process is incredibly beneficial for well-established businesses. However, it is a high time commitment. In an intensive structure, we pair all of that down into a days worth of design work by cutting out a lot of the back and forth with revisions that usually happen over email.

introductions and prep work

Once you inquire and we decide brand design intensive is a good fit for you and your business, we will begin some prep work. I'll send you an in-depth questionnaire to give us a good starting point. Based on your answers and some of my own research, I will prepare a couple of mood boards that I think would be a good fit.


Strategy call

After that, we will schedule a 30-minute prep/strategy call where I will present the mood boards and colour palettes. We will also go through the priority list for the actual design day. I will explain how the day will work and what to expect. Then, you will select the mood board and colour palette we will be using.


Design day

On your design day, I will begin in the morning working through your logo design. After a few hours, we will hop on a video call where I will share my screen and present what I have been working on. We can work through any small tweaks in real time, and any major adjustments, I will hop offline and then represent to you. The last hour of the day, I will package all your final files.



Pooja Shetty

Mumbai, India

I am very passionate about my cakes. Shweta and her team always realised that and helped bring this to life through my brand logo and collaterals. The branding is everything I have imagined and I couldn't be happier. Everyone on her team is lovely to work with. They are polished, proficient, accessible, patient and always went the extra mile to make the experience smoother for me.



Custom strategy + design includes a ton of steps, presentations, and phone calls where we take a deep dive into you and your business. In this type of project, we will go through fully flushed out concepts and revisions. This results in a much lengthier process, requiring a lot of time and commitment. This service is best for established businesses.

In an intensive structure, we are able to pair all of that down into a days worth of design by cutting out most of the back and forth with revisions that might happen with full custom design. At the end of the intensive process, you will receive all the essentials of a 'starter brand' to give you the basics to get started building your business. Design intensives are great for newer businesses 2 years and younger.

What is the difference between a Design Intensive and a Custom Brand Strategy And Design?

As previously mentioned, I can not guarantee specific deliverables. However, I will do everything I can to complete as much as I can in the 8-hour design time period. When discussing the design day on our prep call, we should be on the same page on what to expect. This includes what all we can accomplish. If there is additional work that you'd like completed that we were unable to get to, you can always book an additional half, full day or hourly to get these things done.

What if we don't get everything done on The Design Day?

Yes! The design intensive process is quick because of how collaborative and hands on it is. You will need to be available for the prep call one week prior to the design day which should last around 30 min. Additionally, you will need to be available the entire design day. We won't be talking the entire 8 hours, but we will need to jump on the phone a few times throughout the day to ensure we are keeping with our timeline and are on the same page in terms of the design.

Do we need to be available during the entire Design Intensive Day?

How do I know if an Intensive or Full Design Project is right for me?

There are a few ways I can try to help you answer this question. If time is a huge factor for you and you are in need of a brand identity like yesterday, the intensive structure is a great fit for you. Another factor to consider is budget. The full brand design investment starts around INR 65,000. If this is outside of your budget, design intensives is a great option for you. Lastly, if you are a new business (2 years or younger) and haven't quite figured out every detail about your company, brand design intensive is great to give you a 'starter brand' to build a strong foundation to grow upon.
Alternatively, if you are a well established business and have a firm vision, a full brand design project is a better fit for you. If you are growing tremendously in your business and your existing brand is not growing WITH you, full branding is probably better for you.

How will I know how to use my brand after the Design Intensive Day?

Included in the brand design intensive is a custom brand board. This will have all your logo information, as well as your colours, and fonts and suggestions for application. This is also called the brand style guide.

What all do we go over on the prep/strategy call?

During the prep/strategy call, I will share my screen and present mood board and colour palette options based on your questionnaire. We will discuss these and make any necessary adjustments right on the call. Next, I will walk you through the design day and how the schedule will work. By the end of the call, you will need to make a decision on which mood board and colour palette you would like to choose.

What if I don't love either of the mood board options presented on the prep call?

The prep call is designed to go through the mood board and colour palette. Because this call is over video, we will have the opportunity to work through revisions in real time. I will share my screen with you and open my working file and all inspiration gathered. We won't get off the call until we have a very clear vision for the direction of your brand design.

When do I receive my packaged final files?

THE SAME DAY! Yep, you read that right! The beautiful thing about design intensives is the fact that you will end the day with a stunning new brand you can begin implementing immediately!

How many video calls will we have on the Design Intensive Day?

This really depends on how the day goes. Based on my past projects, you can expect to get on a call 2-3 times. Toward the end of the day, the calls might get more frequent as we finalize the design.