How to design a faster, more converting website homepage

December 9, 2020


If you’ve ever tried creating a website, you know how long and tedious the process is! You want to include all your content without confusing your visitors and losing a potential customer. When I work on websites, I want the website to not just look good but also guide the user through a clear content hierarchy to take action. The main goal is to generate more sales. It’s not easy to create a seamless experience for your user but I’ve compiled some of the most important points to remember while designing your homepage.


Have a simple & clearly visible navigation and brand logo.

Your visitors should easily be able to find what they’re looking for. If they don’t find what they’re looking for immediately, they might leave your site completely. 


Describe what you offer and who you offer it to in your hero section.

You want new visitors to instantly know that they are in the right place, so having this info at the top of your homepage will help with that.


Strategically and frequently place CTA buttons.

You want to make sure that you are encouraging your visitors to take action right away, whether that’s buying your product, booking your services, or simply learning more about what you do. So there should also be a clear link or button for them to do one of those things. 


Use high-quality images that visually describe your brand personality.

When selecting brand photos, make sure they complement the rest of your content and the services you’re providing. The style of photography is also something to think about – how does the photography style add to your brand personality?


Make sure it looks just as good on the mobile as it does on the desktop.

It’s 2022 and most of your visitors will view your website on their phone so make sure it’s mobile-friendly!


Optimize media files before uploading them.

This one’s an easy miss but so important! It helps will prevent the site from slowing down. To put things in perspective around 80% of users who have experienced a slow-performing website never return to the same site again. Now we don’t want that to happen, do we?


Use legible fonts combined with good contrast backgrounds.

The right fonts can make your website more accessible by virtue of being easier to read. If you need help picking out good font combinations, have a look here: